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Date24. Oct. 2014. (Fri.) 14:40-16:00
PlaceDepartment of Science B501 (Hiroshima University, Higashihiroshima Campus)
Title Electronic Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Cold Protonated Aromatic Molecules
SpeakerDr. Christophe Jouvet
(Aix-Marseille Universite)
Abstruct The excited state dynamics of protonated amino acids is quite complex and very rich: many fragmentation channels, reaction dynamics occurring on more than 10 orders of magnitude from femtoseconds to seconds. The electronic spectroscopy in a large spectral domain brings new information on this complex behavior. The comparison with simple aromatic amines (aniline, benzylamine, benzylethylamine, tyramine…) is also bringing a new insight into the fragmentation mechanism.
referencestructural physical chemistry research group Yoshiya Inokuchi, Takayuki Ebata
TEL: 082-424-7407