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 Research directions of the Department are shown HERE

 Research Groups oriented toward New Functional Materials
Research Topics Research Groups
Supermolecular Complexes Organic Stereochemistry
Biologically Active Compounds Organic Reaction Chemistry
Nanostructured Materials Organic Stereochemistry, Photochemistry of Advanced Materials
Hypervalent Compounds Organic Main Group Chemistry
Metal Complexes Coordination Chemistry
Conductive and Magnetic Materials Solid Material Chemistry, Radiation Reaction Chemistry

 Research Groups oriented toward New Reactions
Electronically and Vibrationally Excited Molecules, Clusters Physical Chemistry of Kinetics
Organic Reaction Mechanism Organic Reaction Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry
Nano-Integrated Structure Analytical Chemistry
Nano-Interfaces, Membrane Interfaces Analytical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry
Molecular Clusters Structural Physical Chemistry

 Research Groups oriented toward Life Sciences
Amino Acid and Water Structural Physical Chemistry
Phospholipid Bilayer Membrane Analytical Chemistry
Simulations of Water, DNA and Protein Quantum Chemistry
Selective Organic Reactions Organic Reaction Chemistry