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 Educational Goals
The department of Chemistry aims at the development of researchers, engineers and educators with enthusiasm for science.

The objective of the Department of Chemistry
The objective of the Department of Chemistry is to promote research on "Molecular Recognition and Design" and "Quantum Life Sciences".

Branches in the Department of Chemistry
Molecular Structure Chemistry
   Structural Physical Chemistry
   Solid Material Chemistry
   Coordination Chemistry
   Analytical Chemistry
   Organic Stereochemistry
   Photochemistry of Advanced Materials

•  Molecular Reaction Chemistry
   Physical Chemistry of Kinetics
   Organic Main Group Chemistry
   Organic Reaction Chemistry
   Chemistry of Aggregated Materials
   Quantum Chemistry
   Radiation Reaction Chemistry
 Annual Reports of the Department of Chemistry
   2003 (PDF in Japanese)
   2004 (PDF in Japanese)
   2005 (PDF in Japanese)
   2006 (PDF in Japanese)
   2007 (PDF in Japanese)
   2008 (PDF in Japanese)
   2009 (PDF in Japanese)
   2010 (PDF in Japanese)
   2011 (PDF in Japanese)